It’s been a little while! Life has been insane, I have been sick and traveling. Lots of things. But now I’m back and I have this yummy recipe for you! Also, so much credit for the collab goes to my girlfriend at My Tiny Laguna Kitchen! If you love holistic and creative recipes then you should go check her out!

golden milk benefits + maple chai latte

Golden milk has so many benefits! I’m sure you have heard of the variations of this elixir. It actually dates back millions of years ( as does most of our raw healthy foods), complete with hearty ingredients like saffron, ghee, and honey. We love golden milk. But we also love chai and are very aware how intense turmeric can taste to someone who isn’t a huge turmeric junky. So this way you get sweet and spicy with chai and it is amazing! I will write out the base recipe, with some of the brands we used and the benefit each ingredient has for your body.

You can also buy a golden milk herb mix and add the rest to that! I’ll also be talking about one of my new most used supplements for having a minimalist supplement routine, because I hate nothing more than taking like a million supplements every day. Perfect addition to all the many golden milk benefits!

The recipe (I would do these to your own taste, so I didn’t put the measurements in)

  • Coconut milk- healthy fats, cream base
  • Cinnamon- ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Can’t say it enough! We eat it every day, but in larger doses it’s a fat burner and a sugar metabolism regulator.
  • Nutmeg- for brain health, and digestive regularity!
  • Peppercorn- Try to get the rawest form of this of course. Definitely don’t go too strong on it either because it can be really strong! Breaks down fats, and seriously aids digestion.
  • Cloves- According to ancient ayurvedic practices, Raw cloves can improve sexual health and even treat infections.
  • Raw maple syrup- As an all natural sweetener because it has a lower glycemic index than raw sugar. Lots of powerful antioxidants that sugar would not have!
  • Star anise ( illicium verum) to taste – antifungal and antibacterial

hanah-supplementto add some extra vitality…

1/2 tablespoon Hanah supplement( the serving size is one tablespoon but I did half since there was other flavors in this latte). If you follow me on instagram you have been hearing about this supplement. I have been adding this to smoothies, and eating it right off the spoon because I have been sick and trying to recover as fast as possible. Honestly I can’t even begin to describe this supplement because it has so many health benefits. So here’s the link to every single ingredient and what it does for the body. It has everything from saffron for vitality and energy to castor for relief or nerve issues, and is in a base of honey and ghee. To buy through me check it out here. 

1 Tsp Moondeli adaptogens- Moondeli has a superb line of raw adaptogens. The one we used for this recipe was called ceremony tonic. It has adaptogens like Maca root, Matcha tea, and Raw cocoa powder. Base level, this is a great adrenal support and hormone balancer. If you are interested in browsing, Steph at My Tiny Laguna Kitchen has a discount code for 15% off! her code is LAGUNAMOON. Check it out here.

So lots of health benefits in this cozy golden latte! I hope that this recipe and list of golden milk benefits has inspired you to make your own variation of this! Be sure to keep up with Steph over at her blog and instagram for some beautiful food creations!


Herbal Leah

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