I had no idea that there could be something so healing!

I have been thinking about writing this for a while. Boy, did I get myself into a rabbit hole. I knew this stuff was good. But I didn’t know it was so chemically complex! I swear it was nature’s secret it was keeping from us. It’s called Manuka honey. This was a game changer for me.

Manuka honey is from New Zealand. It’s a natural antibacterial, and has a secret hydrogen- peroxide antiseptic that helps fight many different infections.natures-secret-antibiotic Yes!!! Bees made this. I’m in awe. Basically, the bee’s make a natural preservative to keep the right bacteria on the honey, to keep it thriving. It’s an enzyme called glucose oxidase, and it gets “activated” when it comes in touch with the moisture of the human body.

Nature’s secret to a good immune system

How does this even happen? The farmers move their crop into an area of New Zealand that has flowering manuka trees,the tree is more of a fluffy flowery bush, alive with small light pink, purple and white flowers. Then the honey that the bee’s make is enriched with the healing properties of the tree. Sneaky secret nature properties, that is. This honey is so antibacterial that it has its own unit of measurement. It’s called the UMF (unique Manuka Factor). This is used to describe the grade of the honey. You want honey that has a high UMF rating.

While it does get pricey, it is so worth the money. Think of nutrition as a way of preventatively avoiding health issues in the future! If you have money for medical bills, but you don’t have money for this, well then, I don’t know what to tell you! Good luck, I guess (the sass is so real right now). Having a weak immune system, I started taking this almost daily in food or just spoonful’s, and I haven’t been sick in a year. It’s helped my skin and I use it in face masks, and on cuts. It’s kind of like the coconut oil of honey’s.

Use it for everything.

If I feel a cold coming on, I’ll have a spoonful of this with coconut oil in some tea before bed, and the next day I’ll be better. I know it seems too good to be true, and honestly, I don’t think it works for everyone (probably something having to do with body chemistry). But it has always worked for me! And if you are working on getting your gut bacteria back in order or revving up your immune system, then I’d consider it! If you want high grade stuff, look for UMF 10+.


natures-secret-antibioticnatures-secret-antibioticThat’s the potency that will keep you out of the doctor’s office and away from antibiotics. It really is Nature’s secret antibiotic. Make sure to get the medical grade honey, as the UMF is the only thing that differentiates itself from regular honey (which is antibacterial in general).

There’s new evidence now, that it is being used to holistically fight MRSA. Ancient Chinese Medicine says honey can benefit the quality of sleep, Working as a liver protector, a hangover cure, and aid eyesight! Try it out and let me know what works for you when you are sick in the comments!

If you are looking for a specific supplement for in depth immune system work, I’ve been working with Hanah, Ayurvedic Supplements. They have one product that is basically an immune boosting superfood + adaptogen (i’m a fan of minimalism, the less supplements the better). Excited to bring you recipes using their supplement soon!

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