Food. YASSSSS. Okay, I love healthy food. Mostly just food.

But I also love a good guilt free-dessert. It’s all about balance, sometimes you must have a legit dessert. And sometimes if you really like dessert you might need to dabble in some healthy dessert ideas. So, here’s the place to do that! I’m currently gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free (mostly). This recipe all the above, plus vegan and Keto-friendly. So how about some bars that literally feed your brain!

Also, I want to introduce this little thing called adaptogens. I’ve been researching them a lot lately. Doing a guest post soon with a brand-new recipe for you an in-depth explanation of adaptogens and why they are the topic of discussion so much lately!


they help you adapt. And so much more. They basically buffer your hormonal response. Used in the modern day for adrenal fatigue and stress relief. They are such a hot topic because they really can boost your energy, ability to sleep, sex drive, and weight loss. It’s a type of herb. There are many herbs that are great for brain function and focus, so adding a little of this adaptogen makes this a bar to feed your brain, as well as your body!

A very healthy way to add to your quality of life and give things a little boost! Mixed with citrus, and some healthy fats your brain will be very thankful for this snack!

Feed your Brain – Citrus coconut moon juice bars

*I linked some trust worthy brands for some of the products or pantry staples I use in many meals I’ll be posting. I have done a lot (of extensive) research / use these already so enjoy! (bold and Italic)


1 cup organic coconut flour.

1 cup organic almond flour

1 cup mixed nuts (ground) – I didn’t have these cashew clusters at the time but i’ll be using them in the next recipe, they would go so well with this, yum!

1 cups organic coconut oil (my favorite one is right here)

¼ cup swerve – natural sweetener

Cinnamon to taste



1 teaspoon of adaptogens This super-food blend has a crazy level of adaptogens like moringa powder as well as probiotics, minerals, herbs, and energetics

2 cans or raw coconut cream or butter (this butter is creamier than the canned cream)

I container of raw coconut yogurt

I cup swerve

Organic tangerine essential oil to taste

1 organic lemon for zest and juice

Berries for décor- If you want to make this even more of an adaptogen dense bar, use some Schisandra berries. Used for hundreds of years to relax and focus the brain. You can buy them organic here!



First mix the crust ingredients together and put on the bottom of a baking pan that is lined with parchment paper and bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Take it out and cool.

Mix in a different pan all the filling ingredients and then pour on top of crust. Add décor, and freeze for 24 hours! Make sure to thaw before eating, or eat frozen!

I hope these quench your sweet tooth and give you some extra brain juice, because who doesn’t need extra brain juice! I linked all my favorite products/ the ones I use in everyday cooking so I hope that helps!

Be on the lookout for a collaboration with the very talented Steph Mary, on her blog My Tiny Laguna Kitchen! Check it out! She has amazing holistic recipes! We will have some new science, and some yummy new eats for you!


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