There is something I’m passionate about and it concerns you if you are human. Which you probably are maybe? Since your reading this? I’ll give some back story first. I was born and raised on the west coast. If you haven’t ever visited, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Maybe I was blessed, being less than 20 minutes from the nearest mountain top. I had thousands of hiking trails and lakes and forests and fields and farms right at my fingertips. They’re real and raw and spectacularly made. But it’s not just here for us to look at right? It’s here for us to do something with. To interact with, to touch, to make part of us. That’s what it was intended for. Thus spurred my passion for herbal supplementation, remedies, and a need to be in harmony with our earth.

I wake up questioning when we lost touch with this? I have been reassured countless times that an alternative approach to science and personal lifestyle will throw us back into balance with our creation. So there you go, I’m devoting my time, effort and life to making knowledge accessible because despite what you think, there isn’t a price tag on health.  

Currently, I am working on my herbalist certification. I’ll be handmaking my supplements. While I do that, I’ll be finishing up the final credits on my nutrition degree, bringing the holistic side of nutrition into this community in addition to the herbal. My passion is to create a community of people who think and question. I know I do. While you think and question, I’ll research and share.

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